Dissection of a pig`s eye

The bilingual biology class made sure that we, the Q2 students, will passionately miss the school once we leave! During our last week in the EMA, we had the opportunity to conduct a practical class to learn about the complex anatomy of the eye.
After making peace with ourselves that no pigs were harmed or killed for the sake of our science class, we independently dissected the eye and identified the cornea, sclera, pupil, lens, optic nerve, iris and aqueous humor using the appropriate equipment supplied by our teacher (Mrs. Jung-Kaballo). The coolest part of the lesson was observing the pigment layer under the microscope and experimenting with the optical effects of the lens.
After completing our tasks and protocols, we followed up all clean-up and disposal instructions given by our teacher and had to say bye to the scientist’s gown, goggles and gloves.
It was definitely an exhilarating and educational class that pushed us to our boundaries (and especially the vegans).

Nataly Sido Bouzan